Easy Art Framing

Someone recently asked me if I have art hanging on every wall in my apartment. Well, I have a confession to make. Most of the art I've bought over the years is still in the closet. The reason? I haven't got the right frames.

Do you know that feeling when you purchase a piece of art and can't wait for it to arrive? But then it hits you that you need to get it framed. So you make a mental note to do it on the weekend, and after months of procrastination and a trip to Ikea, you discover that the art doesn't fit in the frame. I do.

For several months I had a poster hanging above my desk that was half an inch too narrow for its frame. I got used to it eventually, but it drove my wife crazy.

When you order my art, I want it to arrive already framed so you can enjoy it right away. I'm pleased to offer Framed Prints as a simple solution to custom framing.

Check out the latest artwork and framed prints here.

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